Welcome to the Navajo Peacemaking Project Website

Welcome to the Navajo Peacemaking Project Website

Thank you for visiting the Navajo Peacemaking Project website. The Federal Safe Schools and Healthy Students Initiative has supplied our schools (STAR School, Shonto Prep High School, Chilchinbito Community School, Little Singer Community School and Borrego Pass Community School) with a grant to reduce violence and truancy through Navajo Peacemaking, a character building reading program and healthy activities that build character relationships among our students.

An Educational Documentary in which STAR (Service To All Relations) School Students and Staff Demonstrate how Navajo Peacemaking is Taught and Implemented to Create a Compassionate and Responsive School Environment. Made by STAR School Media 7th / 8th grade students Keanu Jones, Kira Butler, Taylor McCabe, and Kristen Jones under the direction of Ms. Rachel Tso. Based on "The Manual for Peacemaking" by Dr. Mark Sorensen and Thomas Walker Jr.

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Our vision is a nation of communities with integrated systems that promote the mental health of students, enhance academic achievement, prevent violence and substance use, and create safe and respectful climates.

The Federal Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative has funded more than 365 urban, suburban, rural, and tribal areas nationwide since 1999. This grant is the result of a unique collaboration among the U.S. Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Justice and was created in response to rising concerns about youth violence, substance abuse, and school safety. Each grant site determines how funds can best be used within the community to link new and existing services. Partnership between schools and communities creates a coordinated, cooperative effort that recognizes the complexity of these issues and their root causes. Using programs and services that have a proven track record of success, as well as strategies for both prevention and intervention, the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative helps reduce the risk factors that come between children of all ages and their ability to learn—and to stay safe and healthy.